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Small Potted Artificial White Jade Plant Uv Resistant 20cm
Features: This elegant mixed green potted faux plant is simply captivating. With real touch foliage and realistic white and green leaves this plant is simply splendid. The density and variation of this plant make it a top-choice for going into...
$49.95 $33.00
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Artificial Fittonia Hanging Garland Bush 80cm
Hanging Fittonia Bush 80cm Features: The fittonia bush has a range of varying colours within it, and starts with a compact and dense section near the base of the bush and then branches our with a range of shorter, and...
$49.95 $36.00
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Small Potted Artificial Dark Green Fern Plant Uv Resistant 20cm
Features: Dark Green Ferns are among the most popular plants used to liven up areas and bring much-needed greenery and life to dim and dull corners of both gardens and homes. Our Small Potted Artificial Dark Green Fern Plant UV...
$49.95 $36.00
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Hanging Green Ivy Bush 80cm
Features: An attractive, yet simple artificial ivy bush that measures 80cm long. A simple and elegant hanging ivy bush that is designed to look great all year-round. One central spoke then has a range of hanging branches and stunning leaves...
$49.95 $36.00
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Black and White Engraved Pot 17cm
Features: A highly decorative engraved pot that has sustainability at the front of mind. Made from recycled materials this pot is a perfect choice for gardeners and home decorators who love sustainable materials, that are durable, and super strong. Specifications:...
$45.94 $40.00
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Artificial Flowering Boxwood Stem 30cm
Boxwood Brush Bush with White Flowers Features: Our artificial Boxwood bush is beautiful botanically accurate plant. This replica plant does not have a planter included, rather it comes on a spike to make it easy for you to plant in a planter or...
$39.95 $14.00
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Dense Potted Artificial Split Philodendron Plant with Real Touch Leaves 50cm
Features:You’ll absolutely love this evergreen plant – no matter the season or space the potted artificial philodendron is the perfect choice to add a touch of green! Makes a great statement in any roomMade of high-quality non-toxic materialsIdeal for indoorsMade...
$80.44 $71.00
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White Snowball Stem 32 Cm
Features: Another perfect addition to your floral arrangement is this Artificial White Snowball. This 32 cm stem is great filler in a vase or pot display. Made of high quality plastics, these stems will last longer than their fresh alternatives....
$22.89 $16.00
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Flowering Lilac Vertical Garden / Green Wall Uv Resistant Sample
Features: An aesthetically excellent way to enhance the appeal of any wall, fence or surface. These stunning hand made and assembled vertical garden panels come with superb artificial tropical foliage and purple lilac bunches throughout. The sample panel is approximately...
$49.95 $40.00
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Aloe Vera Stem 30cm
Features: A nice busy aloe vera stem for green walls and floral arrangements. Note: Pot not included Package Content: 1 x Aloe Vera Stem
$40.25 $36.00
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Artificial Birch Garland 190cm
Fake Artificial Birch Garland 190cm Long Features: A simple yet stunning artificial garland that is made with elegant mixed green leaves. Quality Superb quality; being hand assembled and checked prior to dispatch. We only use ROHS compliant materials, meaning they...
$49.95 $24.00
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5 Pack - Long Eucalyptus Stem 77 Cm
Features: Do you like the look of eucalyptus but not the smell? Fake it with these natural-looking lush green stems. It’s a trendy versatile greenery that has become a staple in wedding and filler in flower arrangements. A single stem...
$129.95 $117.00
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Portable Jasmine Artificial Hedge Plant Uv Resistant 75cm X 75cm
Features: Whether you’re decorating your home, fence, balcony or wall, instant portable artificial hedges are an easy and instant way to get the results you want. Ideal for that office space or shopfront display – these beauties can live inside...
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Country Oak Artificial Vertical Garden Hedge Panel 1m X 1m
Features: This stunning country oak panel is the superior choice for those seeking cost-effective yet beautiful coverage of any wall or fence. Made with a high quality plastic mesh backing these panels are super easy to install. You simply need...
$80.44 $80.00
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Imitation Dark Stone Geometric (square) Planter 30cm
Features: This striking geometric pot is simply stunning. Made with highly sustainable recycled plastics and concrete this hand crafted pot is extremely durable, strong and earth friendly. This pot is perfect for any modern space, home or office. Specifications: Width:...
$287.44 $155.00
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Small Potted Artificial Flowering Boxwood Plant Uv Resistant 20cm
Features: An elegant fake boxwood plant with stunning small white flowers. This elegant potted artificial plant is UV resistant and perfect for arrangements or along in a stunning decorative pot. You can now have the perfect flowering boxwood plant all...
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Vista Green Vertical Garden Green Wall Uv Resistant 100cm X 100cm
Features: An elegant artificial vertical garden panel unlike any other – each panel is curated with a stunning lush green foliage blended with artificial stems inserted throughout to add a touch of white flowers and burgundy grasses to create the...
$287.44 $263.00
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Long Two-tone Ivy Garland Uv 190cm
Features: Artificial mixed green 190cm garland with UV protection If you are looking to an ivy strand or garland that looks superb, lush and is highly versatile then look no further. Perfect for creating hanging foliage trails, photo walls, floral...
$63.19 $40.00
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66cm Multi Butterfly Orchid - Pink
Faux Multi Stem Artificial Potted Orchid (Butterfly Orchid) Features: Extremely life like and carefully put together this stunning multi-stem artificial butterfly orchid will be the center of attention on your next gathering. Made of high quality silk and plastics that...
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Artificial Potted 150cm Bird of Paradise Plant
Features: Bring the tropical sunshine indoors with this lush Bird of Paradise plant. Standing a full 58″ high, this beautiful specimen sports large, full leaves with distinct, colorful blooms that perfectly capture the delicate nature of this plant. This is...
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Artificial Brown Tipped Grass Plant 35cm
35cm Long Fake Grass StemFeatures: Our artificial Grass plant is a beautifully botanically accurate plant. This artificial plant doesn’t come with a pot, however, can be easily attached into an artificial green wall. The foliage is mixed shades of green...
$49.95 $20.00
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Potted Single Stem White Phalaenopsis Orchid with Decorative Pot 35cm
Features: This beautiful single stem Phalaenopsis Orchid comes with its own decorative pot that makes it the perfect ready to go desk-top faux plant or gift. Stunning real touch petalsHighest quality foliageStunning modern white hues One of our most impressive...
$91.94 $80.00
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English Hanging Basket 110 Cm
Features: Enhance the curb appeal of your home interior with our stunning artificial hanging basket. Made of high quality PVC materials that are UV treated for colour fading protection and longevity. A stunning decorative plant that will help provide texture...
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Dense Artificial Buxus Foliage 30cm Uv Resistant
Features: Buxus are slow-growing evergreen shrubs and sometimes turns into a small tree. Growing from 2 to 12 meters tall, these plants are normally grown as hedges and for topiary. Buxus are known to be sensitive to humidity and its...
$49.95 $33.00
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